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OFEA Analysis firm is leading Finite Element analysis services provider offering extensive FEA Analysis, CFD analysis and CAE analysis solution for robust testing. Our FEA Engineers carry out wide range of Thermal, Modal, Non-linear, Buckling and Vibration analysis work using ANSYS, ABAQUS, UniGraphics, HyperMesh, SolidWorks, Adams and others. Know more about FEA analysis service at http://www.outsourcefeaservices.com/fea-modelling.php

Our portfolio of FEA analysis services include:

  • FEA/CFD/CAE simulations
  • FEA Modeling
  • FEA Mesh generation
  • Static & Dynamic analysis
  • Buckling Analysis
  • Linear and Non-linear analysis
  • Thermal analysis
  • Modal analysis
  • Fatigue and Product Failure analysis
  • Structural and Stress analysis
  • Vibration analysis
  • Computational Fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis

We provide FEA analysis service to a wide range of industries including Metal, Medical, Automobile, Mold Tool fabrication, Product Manufacturing, Consumer goods and many others.

Our experts and quality FEA Mesh generation software tools guarantee accurate mesh results to satisfy the highest quality criteria. We have its services being used across several industries and has helped clients to successfully turn their ideas into products.

Using computer based simulation; we offer Finite Element Analysis modeling for the most complex engineering problems. Our specialized FEA modeling services is an outcome of our capabilities to handle design, development, analysis, and testing of any type of engineering component using the sophisticated software tools.

Website: http://www.outsourcefeaservices.com/

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