You have probably, at some point in your lifetime, experienced the woes of late-night index card quizzes, outlined notes with Roman Numerals, or created acronyms to make facts more memorable. Whether firsthand or as a parent, these are learning techniques that are common because, in many ways, they are effective. Unfortunately, although they certainly work for short-term memory, these learning techniques are rarely aimed to support the long-term memories in children.

There are many schools of thought as to the best learning method, but the general consensus seems to be that there isn’t a single method that will provide the most success. On the contrary, children tend to learn better when they utilize a variety of resources. Furthermore, research suggests that children are active learners, meaning that they comprehend and retain information more easily when they are actively engaged in the learning process.

One method of active learning that is becoming more and more prominent is learning through song. Children’s programming has utilized this method for years. Programs, like Raggs of , release songs that teach children valuable and educational life lessons.

This month, for instance, Raggs is celebrating friendship and is teaching children through their hit song “Little Bit of Love.” “Little Bit of Love” is a sing-a-long. Sing-a-longs are particularly beneficial for younger children, who are just learning to read. They encourage children to read, while singing and dancing. Children will be having so much fun moving around and engaging in the music that they won’t even realize just how much they are learning!

To learn more about music by Raggs, visit , and encourage your children to be active learners. After all, learning is fun!

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