Shenzhen City, China; 16, April 2015: Whether it’s a pizzeria or a coffee store, they can now use food printers to be more presentable and win the appreciation of their customers with custom edible imprints on various food and beverage items. World Best Import & Export Company is offering these printers for food and beverage retailers to be used with food grade edible ink. This is the reason why these imprints are not unhealthy for humans and can prove very important to increase the popularity among customers.

The company is offering the Coffee Printer that can be used for impressive latte art printing. The printer works at a significant speed and for an A4 size print, it may not take more than a couple of minutes, and which allows coffee stores to serve their customers in a timely manner and with exciting logos, messages etc printed on the beverage. The printer works on Windows XP and later versions of Windows based Operating Systems and uses the non-contact micro piezoelectric printing technology. This is the reason why it doesn’t affect the taste and content of the beverage, but makes it more presentable for customers.

With a food printer offered by the company, a food retailer can increase its reputation and can witness more footfall and hence an increase in the business. The company offers simple to use food printers that are almost free from maintenance. The printer can be used for printing on flat or slightly curved surfaces and one can choose to print in multiple colors to impress customers. With professional software, one can expect the best printing effect at a great speed with a precise printing resolution.

World Best Import & Export Company, with their edible food printer, is going to revolutionize the food and beverage retail industry. The printers work in an automatic environment with a combination of the step motor and the synchronous belt to offer great imprints in a desired resolution. One can learn more about these food and beverage printers by visiting the

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World Best Import & Export Co., Ltd. is a leading company which is registered in Hong Kong and working for solutions of Flatbed Inkjet Printing. The man main products of the company include Multifunction Printer, Card Printer, Customized Gift Printer, T-shirt and garments Printer, Food Printer, Hot stamping Printer, 3D Printer and Special Printer. The company is specialized in the manufacture and export of the flatbed printer for more than 6 years. They have more than 5 factories in China mainland.

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