Guangde, Xuancheng, China — Bamboo panels are more commonly known as bamboo plywood in the USA and Canada and are used in a variety of applications. Bothbest’s bamboo panels are available in different dimensions and one can choose from 4 basic thicknesses of 1/4", 1/2", 3/4" and 1". They use the finest quality bamboo layers to make these eco-friendly bamboo panels.

The EcoNice brand of bamboo plywood is made using eco-friendly adhesives that emit lower amount of the VOC compound. The plywood features horizontal, vertical and strand woven grains and natural, caramel, tiger and chocolate colors. These bamboo panels look like wood, but are stronger and more eco-friendly than wood panels. Since bamboo is an environment-friendly and renewable resource that grows fast on the earth naturally, the plywood bamboo has a wider application area and is often considered as a green material.

The spokesperson of the company reveals that their EcoNice bamboo plywood is gaining more attention from architects, green building professionals, environmentalists and others. These eco-friendly bamboo panels are now more in demand to be used in buildings and furniture, such as architectural panels, cabinets, desks, shelves and others. According to the spokesperson, they maintain a stringent manufacturing process for these bamboo panels, ensuring the best of the quality. The bamboo strips are boiled in the water and boric acid solution to eliminate the growth of fungus and mold. These well processed strips are then glued with eco-friendly adhesives.

Bothbest also takes an extra care of cutting, sanding and lamination of bamboo strips, so that the bamboo plywood gets an extra smooth surface. With two-time sanding on both sides of the panels, the surface is made appropriate for bonding, gluing or other practical applications. The company supplies bamboo panels of 40mm thickness that can be used for making doors. The panels with a thickness between 20mm and 30mm are more suitable for making stairs. And a bamboo panel thickness between 15mm and 20mm is ideal for making cabinets. To learn more about different applications of bamboo panels, one can visit the website

About Bothbest

Bothbest is a China-based company focusing on bamboo only because it is an amazing and rapidly renewable resource. The company manufactures largest variety and best quality of bamboo, such as flooring, decking, panels and mat. They are equipped with high-tech computerized machines and have been recognized as a professional supplier and exporter in bamboo market worldwide. BothBest products have been approved and used in many countries and end-users feel satisfied with their quality and after-sale service.

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