Akron, PA — Protecting the home from damage is the most important function of the roof, and it is important that the entire roofing system work together to prevent damage. Since 1997, Eby Exteriors has been a leader for the metal roofing Lancaster PA homeowners need, as well as the providing other traditional roofing services. With their trained staff and experienced leadership, Eby Exteriors is able to give homeowners the most comprehensive system of roof and gutters Lancaster PA has seen.

Homeowners can be overwhelmed by the choices that they have when it comes to roofing. Most homes have some kind of asphalt or wooden shingle, and these have been the go-to shingle for many decades. Eby Exteriors installs a full line of CertainTeed shingles that will meet whatever demands the homeowner has for the roof. Customers who wish to go with the metal roofing Lancaster PA homes are starting to see will be pleased with the number of choices that they have as well. With standing-seam, metal shingle and corrugated metal roofing options, there is a roofing choice that will satisfy any homeowner.

Eby Exteriors does not stop their roofing services with just shingles. The gutters Lancaster PA homes need also should be checked during a roof repair or installation. Eby Exteriors ensures that the gutter system does not have leaks and that the system is well connected. They will also check the drain point of the gutters to make sure that the gutter is not draining into the home’s landscaping or near the foundation, where it can cause damage.

Eby Exteriors is proud to announce the longest and most comprehensive warranty in the area. Homeowners who choose to have CertainTeed roofing installed will be covered by a 25 year warranty, and if the roof fails in any way, Eby Exteriors will replace the roof completely, covering the cost of labor and materials. This dedication to customer service and their willingness to back the materials they use and the labor they provide, makes Eby Exteriors a superb choice for roofing in Lancaster.

FOR MORE INFORMATION: Visit www.ebyexteriors.com or call (717) 733-9142.