Diabetics are vulnerable to many complications, including those related to poor circulation. eBrace Direct helps diabetics prevent many health issues with quality orthotic supplies that improve circulation.

Keeping the circulation strong in the extremities such as the feet and toes can be very difficult for diabetics. Because the blood vessels in the eyes, feet and kidneys are very small, these parts of the body are particularly vulnerable to complications. Fortunately, eBrace Direct offers diabetics a wide range of choices in orthotic supplies to help them combat these problems.

Diabetic supplies can include special socks, shoes, insoles and lifts. For example, a diabetic may find that supportive hosiery such as specially-made socks helps keep the circulation strong in feet and ankles. However, a diabetic patient may need more support such as that provided by special diabetic orthotic shoes in several shapes and styles, or less support such as that provided by insoles or lifts. A doctor can help diabetic patients determine the best type of circulatory support for their particular needs. Patients can often choose from a range of options within a certain group of support products.

Whatever type of diabetic orthotic supplies are needed, eBrace Direct can help.

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Founded by certified orthotists and prosthetists with more than 40 years of experience, eBrace Direct is the solution for those who want to be able to purchase quality orthotic and prosthetic products at reasonable prices direct from the distributor. With professional customer support and guaranteed discounts, eBrace Direct offers a simple solution for purchasing quality, professional products.

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