Shanghai, China - Ball gowns are expensive in both looks and tags. This is the truth buyers were prepared for so far, until cheaper, and quality alternatives started to be released in the online sphere of the market. Ebprom is one of those top providers that have made the almost non-existent combination of cheap-and-good true. Landing in the market a collection of dresses, priced under $100, this site has served as one of the most visited source for gowns for all occasion on the Internet. Within the limit of a $100, the site offers spectacular ball gowns for different occasions with categories made for easy picking.

Ebprom sells prom dresses, evening gowns, cocktail dresses, bridesmaid and mother of the bride’s dresses, all within the same range. But unlike the price, the apparels are high in terms of fashion and style. Highly appealing, the dresses are all up-scale items tailored in the design of Red Carpet wears. However, Ebprom does not believe in the one size suits all theory. In fact, it understands the importance the impact of dress designs in beautifying or otherwise, of the wearers. Thus, their collection comprises of prom dresses under 100 stitched specially for plus-sized women. Prom, date nights, ball events, etc. are significant events that require women to sport fancy wears that go well with the occasion.

For users’ convenience, the site stocks its dresses separately under relevant sections for a one-click shopping. One can find all long-sleeved prom dresses in one page, while the short-length evening dresses ones are stocked under another. The same goes for all other varieties, which makes spotting them rather simple and less time-taking. 2015 new arrivals find a new place at the bottom of the page where all upcoming dresses get featured. The top-seller section stands right besides hosting all the best selling gowns in the site. Ebprom offers free shipping for all its offerings.

About the company

ebProm is one of the most-preferred suppliers of prom dresses and gowns, as well as accessories online. The company is noted among its buyers for quality and collection of dresses.

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