eBooksion is a proud partner of authors, agents, and publishers. The company produces high quality eBooks for multiple eReader gadgets like Kindle, iPad and Nook. Their converted files are compatible with online marketplaces such as Apple, Amazon, Noble, Kobo and B&N.

The company has several years of experience with extensive knowledge about eBook conversion and formatting. eBooksion allows every author to take advantage of the rising demands of digital books, by taking the MS Word or PDF file of the user’s completed book and then converting it into the top eBook formats, Mobi and ePub.

The completed eBook includes several features and services, like optimized images, ISBN inclusion and linked table of contents and index, and more.

Authors have put a lot into their books and need to know how to publish and reach their readers. With this service, they can easily convert their manuscripts into an eBook without spending too much time and money.

The company offers three eBook conversion services packages, which range from $49.00, $99.00 and $169.00. Authors and publishers can benefit from it’s affordable rate and fast turnaround, meaning that they can have their digital books ready to publish and sell online in no time.

To ensure that the book will appear great, the team quality checks the eBooks on various eReader devices. After its conversion, the eBook is ready for all major online marketplaces.

With the great rates of eBooksion, it is expected that this company will continue to be an alley to writers from all over the world. Unlike others, this company is not just offering affordable rates, but extensive services as well.

If you want information on this company and to check out the different services it has in store, browse its main website at http://www.ebooksion.com/ . They are located in Cleveland, Ohio. For more details or inquiries, you can contact them at 216-236-3359 or by email.

Company: eBooksion
Contact Number: 216-236-3359
Address: P.O. Box 19446, Cleveland, Ohio 44119
Website: http://www.ebooksion.com/