(Free Press Release) Diversified industrial manufacturer Eaton Corporation, a global leader in diversified power management solutions, today hosted Technology Day at the MLR Convention Center to showcase leading solutions, technologies and capabilities that make electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power operate more efficiently, effectively, safely and sustainably.

The Technology Day in Bangalore is part of a strategic initiative a series of events to reach out to customers and end-users, and enable effective market interactions at major regions and key customer locations.

As part of this Technology Day in Bangalore, Eaton displayed its key offerings in India that come in the form of electrical solutions for both power quality and power distribution markets and hydraulic solutions that cater to mobile and industrial segments. Eaton also demonstrated its expertise in delivering uniquely designed power solutions to suit the varying requirements of the energy, automotive, truck and aviation industries in India.

The highlight of this technology day was an extensive display of Eaton‘s leading Aerospace solutions to both commercial and military segments. Eaton showcased its proven capabilities in building and supplying hydraulic, electro-hydraulic pump and generator products and integrated systems; electric motors; aircraft flap and slat systems; fluid conveyance products and systems; nose wheel steering systems; integrated control systems; cockpit controls; power and load management systems; and pressure sensors and fluid debris monitoring products and systems. Eaton serves commercial and military aviation, aerospace, marine and off-road markets worldwide.

In September this year, Eaton joined with Boeing and UK government officials to celebrate the delivery of the first 787 Dreamliner - the revolutionary carbon fiber design which will hand 20% fuel savings to airlines and give passengers a more comfortable ride with better cabin air and large electronically dimmable windows. The 787 is the first commercial composite aircraft, which created significant technological challenges relating to the way all components are molded to the aircraft and in particular with fuel systems. Working closely with Boeing, Eaton‘s engineers designed and developed new fuel systems that were not only compatible with composite structures, but also the first to be compliant with stringent new Federal Aircraft Regulations (FAR).

Recently, Eaton had also announced a joint venture with Shanghai Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (SAMC), a subsidiary of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC), to support the COMAC C919 single-aisle commercial aircraft program. Of the joint ventures being formed to support the C919 program, the Eaton-SAMC joint venture is the first for the COMAC enterprise with a foreign company, as well as the first to receive a business license. The joint venture will focus on the design, development, manufacturing and support of fuel and hydraulic conveyance systems.

Eaton Corporation is a diversified power management company with 2010 sales of $13.7 billion. Celebrating its 100th anniversary in 2011, Eaton is a global technology leader in electrical components and systems for power quality, distribution and control; hydraulics components, systems and services for industrial and mobile equipment; aerospace fuel, hydraulics and pneumatic systems for commercial and military use; and truck and automotive drivetrain and powertrain systems for performance, fuel economy and safety. Eaton has approximately 73,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 150 countries. For more information, visit www.eaton.com.

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