20 August, 2014: 

1) eating a tomato before meal 

Tomatoes is a lower – calorie foods, Rich in vitamin C, minerals and other nutrients potassium and lycopene, Can help the body metabolize balance. But is cool, eat too much is easy to cause flatulence, diarrhea, bad stomach should pay special attention to avoid excessive consumption, just take some meizitang to help you solve this problem. 

If eating a tomato before meal can lose weight, That’s because low-calorie tomato was first to take up part of the stomach space, After avoid eating too many calories, basically, if we can maintain a normal diet, Not because I thought I could eat tomatoes on overeating, then, This method is fairly no side effects, very healthy, But if it is nothing to eat, just eat tomatoes, then, Would be tantamount to force yourself to low calorie intake, although it may be thinner, But once stopped, the chances of regaining it will be higher. 

2) lunch or evening tomato diet 

Lunch or dinner meal eating one tomato, The rest eat normally and to ensure nutritious meals, pay attention to less salt and less sugar, cooking oil, Continuously for one week, once a month only. 

Tomatoes are a good food. But one thing we need to pay attention to :Tomatoes also has “let the body becomes cold” role. Eating more will cause diarrhea, body cold and so on. Therefore, the use of “Evening tomato diet” when, Moderate consumption of tomatoes need. 

3) salt-baked cherry tomatoes 

Put tomatoes in a shallow dish, top with a toothpick in each tomato stabbed four small mouth. 

Then pour in the tomatoes at a 1/4 cup wine. Prepare a spoonful of salt plus net acid orange juice, a spoonful of spice ( fennel or pepper can make ). Dip each tomato sauce before eating has become particularly delicious flavor of food, Also a very effective weight loss diet! 

Taken botanical slimming soft gel together with tomatoes diet can help you lose weight faster. 

Source: http://www.buxmzt.com/news-id-2.html