28 December, 2013: Many of us use the internet everyday to search any effective program to lose weight effectively and fast. You may come across various methods but not all are effective. Some weight reducing techniques is so much ineffective that they may get you into serious trouble. These days, Eat Stop Eat diet program is into the picture. Brad Pilon, who is a famous nutritionist, develops this innovative and highly effective weight loss method. Here, fasting does not mean eating nothing the whole day. One can consume drinks or other fluids. The only restriction is to avoid the solid foods during the fast.

In other six days, the person is allowed to take diet more than any other diet plan allows. Once you get used to the diet plan, you can opt for fasting for 2 days a week. On all other days, you need to do exercise for being fit. This helps you to gain muscle mass and it also helps in burning more calories. It is not at all difficult to follow this plan.

Does it really work? Yes, the program really produces results. The person following the plan needs only full determination. Remember, no immediate results are observed under this plan. When you do fast, detoxification takes place. Your body will get cleaned and the metabolic rates are not affected at all. During the detoxification process, all the extra fat is eliminated from the body. The extra calories will be burned faster by this.

The ESE diet plan ensures your fitness by not only reducing the fat but also by increasing the body metabolism. During fasting, the growth of HGH (Human Growth Hormone) hormone will increase. This hormone is naturally produced to burn extra fat present in our body.

During this plan, the person loose only fats and the muscle mass remains same. If you read the Eat stop Eat review on the internet, you will be shocked by seeing all positive reviews about it. Moreover, both the components of this plan are safe and do not have any side effects.

How is it different from other diet programs? Other diet plans available today mainly focus on reducing the diet drastically. This may leave you weak and sick. Human body usually fails to respond positively in such sudden modifications. However, in this program, a person needs to have fast once a week. All other days, he/she can continue with their normal diet.

In all other diet plans, the metabolic rate has reduced to much extent. A person does not feel comfortable in exercising after consuming much less calories. Moreover, anyone can follow this ESE plan. Unlike other diet plans, there are no strict rules and no obligations on eating. People who have problems in following strict timetables can also adopt this diet plan.

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In the ESE diet program, there are two components to accomplish the weight loss. One is fasting and other is exercising. The person has to keep fast one day in a week at the beginning of the Eat Stop Eat plan.