27, December 2016: EasyQuote, the number one online Stockholm marketplace for cleaning industry unveils its great cleaning solution for both cleaning companies as well as thousands of customers. The latter company understands that cleanliness is an essential factor in the daily lifestyle of millions of people in the world. In connection to this, they came up to the solution of bringing their service in the public to promote cleanliness in the whole Stockholm community.

With the help and assistance of EasyQuote, clients can now have a chance to get a reliable and trustworthy cleaning lady (“städhjälp”) that can work in a professional and more productive manner. The good thing about their service is that many clients can save more time in finding the best cleaning services provider on the internet.

Additionally, EasyQuote also offers cost effective services. As a result, clients can attain a priceless peace of mind when it comes to their cleaning service needs. Aside from that, EasyQuote makes it easier for the customer to get the best company that can attain their high degree of satisfaction and happiness with the stay cleaning (“flyttstädning”) in Sweden service that they are actually looking for.

As a matter of fact, they also provide free quotes for the cleaning services. Meanwhile, EasyQuote definitely provides a helpful way for many clients in getting the best cleaning company that can satisfy their cleaning needs.

With the company’s services, the cleaning companies can now gain more potential clients in the area of Stockholm. Likewise, many clients can also find the best company that highly suits their high standards, great expectations, and most especially their hard earned budget.

EasyQuote takes pride on the high quality services they offer, which are truly reliable at all times. What makes them unique is that they offer many clients with a list of the most trusted and well reputable companies in the cleaning industry. They highly offer the customers with 5 price proposals from various companies along with reviews and price. With this, clients can choose the best cleaning company (“städfirma”) in Sweden that is perfect for their budget and expectations.

Another thing is that EasyQuote can provide the customers with the best companies that specialize in several categories including residential, removable cleaning, commercial and construction and heavy cleaning. Truly, EasyQuote promotes an easy and quick way of cleaning process for customers and Sweden cleaning companies ("städföretag").

For further information about their services, those who are interested may visit their website at http://www.easyquote.se/.