12, July 2016: Have you ever been interested in intelligent self-balancing scooters and quit this idea since they are not easy to learn and control and are also not practical? Now this problem can be overcome. Airwheel has owned six series of electric self-balancing scooters with high-quality, portable, convenient and practical features. Here S8 saddle-equipped scooter is separately and specially introduced for you.

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Do you give up the intelligent electric scooter due to the high-difficulty learning process? Or an intelligent electric scooter is left in the corner at your home since it is not as practical as you imagine? Perhaps, intelligent self-balancing scooter is an emerging, interesting and cool commuting equipment, but it will become less charming without simple control character and practicability of coping with various commuting condition. Now, say farewell to those impressions, Airwheel S8 saddle-equipped scooter alters your transporting way.


For the learning difficulty, sitting to ride < standing to ride

The reason why “sitting to ride < standing to ride” in terms of learning difficulty is that self-balancing scooter is manipulated by gravity. The gravity under sitting posture is much lower than sitting posture so it is easier to keep balance. S8 sitting-posture mini electric scooter, not like normal ones in the market, provides two modes riding postures for allowing riders to freely shift between sitting and standing. Therefore, after getting familiar with the sitting status, riders can know how to control it naturally of the standing riding.


A carry-on gadget: light in weight+small in size=portable vehicle

738mm×521mm×329mm, 14.5kg only! There figures proof that S8 electric walkcar is easy to be carried with you. Users can take them into public transporting vehicles or private car trunks with no trouble.

Optimized details: A+ riding experience

S8 double-wheels electric scooter renders the A+ riding experience which can be reflected from the following three little details, including tires, lighting system and operating rod. 10-inch tubeless tires have better performance in road holding and shock of absorption; headlight and intelligent taillight are installed for ensuring security in nights’ riding; operating road can be adjusted according to the different statures of riders and the riding posture they choose.


How do you think of Airwheel S8? Now you won’t doubt this fantastic commuting way.

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