Early Bird Towing has announced the addition of a new towing service to its current list of capabilities. The new service will allow the company to lend its experience to clients of semi-trucks, tractor-trailers, dump trucks, RVs, buses, and other large vehicles.

Dave Chavez, marketing manager, says it’s important that the marketplace know the new capability because heavy duty towing has very specific requirements, including knowledge and equipment. “Clearly towing an RV isn’t the same as towing a mini and drivers have to be both equipped for the job and understand the nuances involved.”

Ensuring staff are properly trained and that the equipment they have is top notch and able to handle whatever situation they find themselves in has been key to the company’s growth and evolution over time. Rather than starting with a claim to be able to handle anything and everything, Chavez says the team is building slowly and deliberately, along the way acquiring training, practical skills, and the necessary tools and equipment to take on various tasks.

“We’ve built our reputation based on being able to do what we say we can do. Part of that is not over promising and part is ensuring our team is equipped in every way possible to deal with what they are sent out to do.”

The company’s other tow services include dolly and flatbed, long distance towing, motorcycle towing, and accident removal services. The latter, Chavez says, can be particularly challenging and requires drivers who understand the complexity of the site, including additional safety measures that may be required.

Beyond towing, Early Bird offers a range of roadside assistance services. Chavez says these ensure the best solution is available to the customer. “We can attend a flat tire, dead battery, out of gas, broken key or other similar situations, and instead of having to tow the vehicle to a garage, are able to fix the situation there to get the client back on the road faster and with less cost.”

Chavez says that these, as well as the company’s tow services, are available 24/7 which means customers are not inconvenienced more than is necessary. “Imagine it’s 2am and you’ve broken your key in the lock. Trying to get a locksmith at that hour can be costly. Having your car towed, needing a ride and then having to go back during business hours is inconvenient. The alternative is that we can be there in 30 minutes and get you back on the road right away and cost effectively.”

That emergency response time, he says, is critical, not only in the middle of the night or in bad weather, but for vehicles in tricky locations.

Beyond emergency and unexpected situations, Chavez says his team is often called on to provide planned towing services. “When people are moving, whether it is blocks away or hundreds of miles away and there are multiple vehicles to move or vehicles that aren’t drivable for one reason or another, we can provide planned towing to ensure vehicles get from point A to point B safely.

Chavez says the company will continue to grow and develop its expertise to meet market demands.

For more information, visit:

Early Bird Towing
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Burbank CA, 91504
Phone: (818) 824-6315