There is a new 30% off VAPESTICK coupon when ordering a Vapestick electronic cigarette starter kit. Vapestick is an electronic cigarette or e-cig designed to help people quit smoking or save money on their habit while protecting their health.

The e-cig produced by Vapestick is a three-piece unit consisting of the cartridge which holds the nicotine and flavor package, atomizer and battery all in the shape of a standard tobacco cigarette. When the smoker draws in on the Vapestick, the battery activates the atomizer which heats the flavor package. Water vapor is released which is then drawn into the lungs. The Vapestick is safe to use in public places and has no carcinogens that are found in tobacco products.

The Vapestick Classic Kit consists of 2 batteries, 2 atomizers, 10 cartridges, charger and instructions. The cartridges contain samplings of the different flavors that Vapestick produces. There are three original, three tobacco, three menthol and one apple flavor. Each of the flavors are mixed with various levels of nicotine. When reordered, the levels of nicotine can be adjusted to the desire of those who use this product. For those who are trying to quit smoking, the nicotine levels can be dialed down until they reach zero and the smoker can quit all together.

Vapestick is moderately priced and comes in 4 different starter kits of varying expense. The Classic Kit does not come with a portable charging case however. For more information about the VAPESTICK voucher and the special 30% off VAPESTICK discount code , please go to E-CIG HUB.

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