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The Green Smoke is an electronic cigarette that uses a solid cartomizer and battery in the shape of a traditional tobacco cigarette. The smoker draws in on the end, the atomizer inside heats up the flavor liquid which also contains nicotine and turns it into water vapor. The water vapor is pulled into the lungs and then released.

The Green Smoke is one of the most established electronic cigarettes on the market today. It was one of the first electronic cigarettes to feature a two-part system of cartomizer and battery. Before the Green Smoke, most electronic cigarettes consisted of three separate parts. Furthermore, the Green Smoke provides several rich flavor liquids that provide a wealth of choices for the smoker.

Also, the Green Smoke has been highly praised for its sensitive battery which allows for quick operation of the electronic cigarette. Overall, the Green Smoke is a high quality, durable e-cig that provides hours of smoking pleasure. For more information about the special 10% off Green Smoke promo code , go to E-CIG HUB.

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