Manhattan, New York, March 25, 2014: Many people have apprehensions about waxing and they consider it as a painful affair to remove unwanted hair. However, Dyanna Spa is going to change people’s perception with their extremely caring and dexterous Brazilian waxing services. The leading waxing salon NYC is well-known for offering a variety of beauty treatments for both men and women, and now they are offering a full leg Brazilian waxing special price offer where one can rest assured of getting the best waxing services at the best possible prices. 

The salon has a team of expert beauticians and technicians who know their jobs perfectly. These beauticians offer waxing services in the most caring manner in a highly luxurious and ambient environment. Dyanna Spa has well-equipped waxing salons in Manhattan and New York, and their treatments offer a highly relaxing and rejuvenating experience. The spokesperson of the salon maintains that their Brazilian waxing services are very popular among the gorgeous women who want a perfect bikini-ready body. “One can wear sexy lingerie and bikinis without any hesitation. Our waxing experts remove hairs from the legs and the private parts where skin is highly sensitive,” the spokesperson reveals. 

According to him, Brazilian waxing is also popular among men who visit their salon to have a clean, smooth and hairless skin. The expert beauticians in the salon use specially formulated Aloe Azulene wax, which is particularly prepared to remove hairs from larger areas and areas where skin is more sensitive. The wax is perfect for all skin types and it gives amazing results. 

One of the beauticians of the salon reveals that they use Cirepil Blue Hard Wax for people who have extra sensitive skin. They carefully apply the wax and remove hairs from areas which are even harder to reach. This way, they make sure that one is free from unwanted hair and can feel free to wear all types of sexy clothes. 

The spokesperson of the salon reveals that they are now offering special prices for Brazilian waxing for both and women. So, people can book their affordable and painless Brazilian waxing services by visiting the website 

About Dyanna Spa: 

Dyanna Spa is a popular Spa and beauty salon located in Manhattan, New York. The Spa has a large team of qualified and experienced beauty experts who offer professional beauty treatments to each client visiting the spa. They are now offering special prices for Brazilian waxing services. 

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