Dual Fun: Supriya Shukla aces 'comedy' and 'emotional' roles!


An actor’s life is indeed a roller coaster ride!

Sometimes they have to make viewers laugh, while sometimes cry. A true actor knows the art of expressing emotions in any situation.

Actress Supriya Shukla is currently juggling between two television shows. The actress is playing a protective mother in KumkumBhagya and a funny woman in SahebBiwiAur Boss.

Talking about playing two different characters in her shows, Supriya shared, “Viewers are watching me crying for my daughter Pragya in Kumkum...while on Saheb, they see me as a comedienne."

She continued, “Both shows are different and help me better my art.”

We asked her to pick between her two roles. She said, "I like both, but I am more partial toward Sarla of KumkumBhagya as it’s more realistic."

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