Dublin, Ireland, 12, May 2016: DS3 Media is one of Ireland's most successful technology companies. The firm has recently launched a new partnership with telecoms provider Eir.

Broadband Only Deals Ireland is one of DS3 Media's Web properties. It's a site that lets visitors compare current offers from the country's top providers. The new agreement with Eir lets the site offer even more choice to those looking for broadband deals.

The benefits of DS3 Media's partnerships with Eir

In today's digital age, it's vital households have access to a fast broadband service. What's more, it must be dependable too. Eir is perhaps best known as Ireland's leading provider of digital services.

For a start, the company offers the fastest broadband connection speeds of all providers. They can produce a mind-blowing 1GB to residential customers with their Eir Extreme service. Of course, one can also enjoy speeds of up to 100Mb with their standard broadband packages.

It's no secret that today's broadband users demand super-fast connection speeds. Aside from browsing the Web, more people stream on-demand music and entertainment. Growing households also need fast connections to cope with simultaneous users.

Eir is a telecom provider that can help meet the demands of today's modern Internet users. And DS3 Media is proud to add Eir to the portfolio of deal providers on the Broadband Only Deals Ireland site.

How Broadband Only Deals Ireland is helping consumers

People want to make sure they get the best value for money out of their digital services. Shopping around for the best prices and packages when it comes to broadband is crucial. That's why many consumers visit the Broadband Only Deals Ireland website.

The benefit of using that site is that it helps people make an informed decision. There are many broadband Internet providers in Ireland these days. But, how does one know which vendor offers the best value for money? And what about the level of service offered?

When visiting Broadband Only Deals Ireland, consumers can view and compare deals. Unlike similar comparison sites, it focuses only on Ireland's top providers. Why? The site's owners, DS3 Media, believe it best to avoid smaller vendors. That's because they often don't have the capability or customer service to support customers.

Customer service is important to DS3 Media. They only want to work with larger providers that have the resources to provide a good service. 80% of homes in urban areas use broadband in Ireland. It's essential only the best providers are on offer for consumers to select from.

About Broadband Only Deals Ireland

An Irish broadband comparison website owned and managed by DS3 Media Ltd. Broadband Only Deals Ireland helps people compare and buy top packages for their needs. The site now includes Eir in its comparison portfolio. Eir is Ireland's largest telecom firm, and can provide lightning-fast speeds up to 1GB.

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