The New rubber Drivewayspikes act as deterrence for people using driveways for dangerous u-turns. It prevents unwanted vehicles from entering your driveway.

Many homeowners experience people using their driveway as a turnaround. This can be an inconvenience as well as a safety issue when there are kids around. Drivewayspikes is an affordable option that can help to resolve the issue once and for all.

“We wanted to find an easy way to discourage people from entering our driveway,” explains a spokesperson for Drivewayspikes llc. “We’ve been happy the way Drivewayspikes has evolved.

There is 6 pounds of recycled rubber in the base. Rubber 3 or 6-inch “Spikes” with a two-inch strip of DOT reflective material for night visibility. The reviews coming in online have been high as well.” There is no need to get in and out of the vehicle to move a barrier when the homeowner leaves and returns home.

The customers of the product report 100% effective.

Homeowners with a significant amount of vehicles in their driveway are concerned and annoyed. People will pull into a driveway without thinking twice. Drivers that need to make a u-turn, look AT a driveway to make a u-turn, not what is in the driveway?

It’s often seen as public property. Consider property damage as well. In areas where there are public events, some people will even go as far as trying to park in someone’s driveway if they think they can get away with it.

Drivewayspikes is a unique way to achieve this goal. Most people view the rubber “spikes” a permanently installed device, and drive past without thinking about pulling into the driveway. The rubber “spikes” has the appearance of a tire-puncturing device that would damage tires when driven on. However, the rubber “Spikes” simply bend down when driven on.

No damage to tires, but the average person is not going to be aware of this. “I’ve loved having Drivewayspikes in the driveway. We leave them in place and feel safer with the kids. We can leave toys out in the driveway and not have to worry about them being run over by strangers. No one dares to try and pull into our driveway anymore,” comments one user in Miami. “We have even recommended these to our neighbors and our whole street is able to deter this kind of

100% money back guarantee. A refund of the purchase price within 30 days.

Drivewayspikes can be purchased online with free shipping. There’s no installation required. No damage occurs to the tire of the vehicles driving forward or backwards on them because of the rubber “spikes”. A coupon code is currently available on the website as well. ‘5off’ can be entered during checkout to receive $5 off of one set of the driveway spikes. All major credit cards are accepted, as is PayPal, for convenience.

About Drivewayspikes

Drivewayspikes provide safety solutions for homeowners, helping them to protect their home from cars using their driveways to make u-turns.

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