27th of April, New York

A habit that has been passed on since almost a thousand years ago might actually have a very healthy benefit for the human body!

The people at Kitchen Supreme advocate for a healthier lifestyle and for small changes that might benefit everyone in the long run.

In modern days, the idea of drinking from copper cups is only meant to be done by connoisseurs or those who appreciate a good tasting cocktail. Luckily, the beverage doesn’t necessarily have to be alcoholic for everyone to enjoy it!

Studies have shown that even water consumed from these copper Moscow mule mugs can significantly impact the health of the individual.

By drinking from a recipient made out of copper, the stomach’s rhythmic contractions are stimulated as well as the digestion becomes an easier process!

In an age where everyone wants to look young and beautiful, Kitchen Supreme has provided one of the best Moscow mule mugs for their customers. Because of the antioxidants, copper fights off free radicals which are responsible for developing fine wrinkles.

Consuming liquids from the Moscow mule copper mug also helps the brain with the synthesis of the necessary substances it needs in order to form a sheath that is designed to cover the neurons. That, as it has recently been discovered, is a powerful stimulant and helps reduce the seizures in case of certain neurological problems.

About the Product

The Copper Mugs Set from Kitchen Supreme is designed for two people and it contains two 16oz copper mugs, made of 100% real solid copper with a hammered finish and brass handles, two copper straws, a copper shot glass and two coasters made out of wood engraved with witty quotes.

And because they understand sometimes it is just difficult cu think of a recipe for a cocktail, they suggest following their recipe book included in the bundle and guarantee nothing less than complete success!

The whole set comes wrapped nicely in a deluxe gift box making it a great present idea for everyone willing to try an exquisite cocktail the way the Russian tsars used to!

About the Company

Frank Williams created Kitchen Supreme at the beginning of 2013 in the USA, with one aim alone, that of sharing his passion for a healthier lifestyle with his customers!
What started as a small family business slowly saw a steady climb and at the moment, even with a strong, loyal base of customers, they still consider every single new one of them as part of their small family.

They mainly operate in the ecommerce industry and manufacture and sell their products on Amazon with plenty of other products in plan to launch this year. Famous for their limitless customer service, they will go at great lengths to ensure complete happiness for their customers, no matter the costs and efforts from their side!


For further information, please visit http://www.kitchen-supreme.com/  or use the contact details listed below:

Contact name: Frank Williams

E-mail address: [email protected]

Website: http://www.kitchen-supreme.com/