India; 12/28/2013: Fragrances are an enlivening addition to the sense of fashion. In fact, fashion can be held incomplete without the addition of fragrance. A true and enchanting smell can turn the heads and create a lasting effect about the wearer of the perfume. Humans, across both genders, have always wanted to smell good. Deodorants and perfumes are not just about concealing an obnoxious body odour, but are also about creating a beautiful aura around a person. Drag 2 Kart offers a complete range of perfumes and deodorants for both genders in India. The website offers perfumes online India from selected international brands at highly discounted rates for women and men in India. The online shop also offers accessories such as earrings and handbags for women. 

Fragrance is a part of the aesthetic sensibility of man and offers a sense of completeness. Thus, perfumes play a strong role in the fashion sense of an individual. The website offers separate collections of deodorants and perfumes for both women and men in India. The products available are from a number of internationally famous brands. The concept of wearing a perfume is ancient. People used to wear fragrances from flowers and other natural things to beat body odour. The best perfumes for women always have the right combination of essential oils and water along with alcohol. Original perfumes generate fresh smell and the website offers a complete collection of perfumes for women. The online shop also offers a whole range of braded deodorants for women in India at discounted prices. 

The days are gone when same perfumes were used by both men and women. Men have their own special fragrances now and Drag 2 Kart offers an equally extensive collection of perfumes for men. The collection showcases a number of brands and the choices can be filtered by selecting a particular brand from the list available on the website. The choices can be further filtered by selecting the price range. The best perfumes for men ensure a resistance to bad odour and aim at developing a fragrant atmosphere around which is pleasing and enchanting. The online store offers branded perfumes for men at discounted prices. 

Drag 2 Kart also sells a number of other accessories for men and women. A large collection of handbags for girls are available across different categories that include totes, clutches, and purses in different designs. These bags are available in varied materials, designs and colours that include leather, jute, and others. 

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Drag 2 Kart is an online shop offering huge discounts on branded deodorants and perfumes in India for both women and men. The website also presents a collection of other accessories for men and women including handbags for women. For more information about the products, visit the website.