Full potential living coach, Dr. Trevicia Williams, teaches moms and their 10-18 year old daughters tips and strategies for back to school success and beyond.

Dallas, TX. August 23, 2016 — The first day of class for many Texas students was August 22. Full potential living coach Dr. Trevicia Williams reminds parents, students, and teachers about the essential skills essential needed for a successful year at home and school during her free back to school success edge, secrets every mom should share with her daughter seminars online and mother daughter empowerment seminar held Saturday, August 20th before moms did last minute shopping.

From teaching skills about raising and parenting tween-teenage daughters through seminars, webinars and workshops to books and coaching to help moms deal with teen daughters’ attitudes and drama, Dr. Williams provides answers to the daily challenges mothers face.

“Every mom wants to raise a well-adjusted child who has the character, values and skills to be successful in life,” said Dr. Williams.

During the  “Mom, Daughter Empowerment Back to School Success Secrets” workshop, moms also learned tips and strategies for work-life balance, an issue Dr. Williams focused on in her doctoral dissertation and deems essential for moms’ capacity to parent effectively. Work and life responsibilities are demanding, so, busy moms are challenged to prioritize several important things that need to be done daily. However, “It can’t be that parenting suffers because of busy schedules,” said Dr. Williams.

In the spotlight for work-life balance is Jo Ann Worsham, a Dallas Fort Worth area entrepreneur. Mrs. Worsham is passionate about having a healthy lifestyle through, and, the opportunity she represents to help moms achieve balance and success. She loves sharing the health benefits of essential oils as well as the business and the work-life balance it enables both  men and women to achieve. Worsham adds “As the world leader in essential oils and wellness solutions, Young Living Essential Oils believe that everyone deserves a life  full of abundance and wellness and to experience the incredible power of essential oils for a total mind/body wellness you may never have dreamed possible. Young Living's made up of moms, dads, students, and professionals who seek lives of wellness, fulfillment and success. We have essential oils and oil-infused products for every member in your family! Dodge harmful chemicals, ditch stress and negativity, boost energy, stay focused, sleep well, reclaim your natural radiance, and much more,” said Worsham.

Dr. Williams holds a doctorate in psychology and is a nationally recognized human behavior expert as well as full potential living coach who has been serving individuals, families, entrepreneurs, and, corporations for over 20 years. She is also the author of There are Pearls in the Pain of Every Experience, a memoir and personal growth book about her Texas child bride experience. She’s also the author of two parenting books: I Love You But I Can’t underSTAND You Right Now: 100 Ways to Deal With the Heart & Soul of Raising Tween and Teen Girls as well as 33 Things Your 10-18 Year Old Daughter Would Say If She Knew How: Endurance for today, Hope and Inspiration for the Future (available at amazon.com). Dr. Williams, founder of Real Beauty Inside Out: Healthy Relationships, regularly works with parents and teens to help them establish enduring, healthy relationships as well as to develop strong morals and character. In her parenting seminars and coaching, she emphasizes ways moms can help their teens as they deal with a range of dilemmas daily, from choosing friends, peer pressure, staying motivated, and bullying to harmful attention getting behaviors, including the latest outrageous teen trends, tween and teen girls engage in for acceptance that adversely impact their confidence and self-esteem or considering experimentation with drugs, sex or alcohol.

“While these workshops are not counseling nor therapy, they are opportunities for moms to discover ways to address concerns before they become problems in an educational, and, often times fun environment,” said Dr. Williams.

The “Mom, Daughter Empowerment Back to School Success Secrets” and other parenting and personal growth workshops takes place on several dates and times in the Dallas Fort Worth Texas areas. Online mother daughter empowerment courses are also available for moms abroad. The cost for some courses is FREE and includes access to the workshop, as well as a limited number of VIP Swag bag with all thing beauty and balance inside. To reserve, or for more information about other mother daughter workshops and events, visit http://www.iomoms.com or https://www.eventbrite.com/e/back-to-school-mother-daughter-empowerment-workshop-tickets-26478917154?aff=erellivmlt

About Real Beauty Inside Out’s Founder

Dr. Trevicia Williams is a full potential living coach, an author, Dallas Texas area and national speaker, trainer and America's leading subject matter expert on human behavior on a range of topics including: self-improvement, healthy relationships, mother daughter relationships, parenting teens, leadership, team building, employee morale, motivation, self-matters, spirituality, moral aptitude, value-based living and stays relevant by remaining abreast of new studies, attitudes and trends. Learn more at: www.treviciawilliams.com
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