Drswami umakant saraswati 


President Ramnath Kovind is a person who is connected with heart and roots.


Mahamandleshwar Dr. swami umakant saraswati

( Swami Ji congratulates to the 14th President Ramnath Kovind)


Mahamandelshwar Dr. Swami umakantand saraswati congratulate to 14th president Ramnath kovind, wishesh him for his bright future and bless him to run the country with unity.


swami Ji said Ramnath kovind is a person who is simple, kind heart and coonect with the root that's the reason why his heart is full of love, kibdness and equality. I strongly believe that being first person of India he will not change his kindness and work with discipline for countrie's well fare. Ramnath Ji will understand the need and problem of a common man, furthermore he will complete his responsibility.


Ramnath Jim's live is a great example for everyone, that depicts being resourceless  a person can reach to the top with his hard work, without any shortcut. such people have a stable success who walk on a right path.


today's scenario is lack of stability, God and your morals may always help you, I pray with the god that to keep the kindness in the heart of ramnath kovind, to have a purity in his mind, moreover keep his words good, so that you can walk with truth, honesty and complete his responsibilities.