Hunan, China; 08, December 2016: Medical tourism, a dimension and category of the tour & travel segment is gaining in popularity with every passing day. This evolving sector of the tourism industry has taken off in a big way in the Asian continent, especially in the countries like India, Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam. The availability of advanced and superior quality treatment facilities coupled at affordable rates is the main reason why patients from all parts of the world are making a beeline to these countries. Dr. Song in China operating two clinics, one in Xiangtan and the other in Changsha, both in Hunan Province, has made his mark by treating a host of prostrate diseases with exemplary success.

Dr. Song who’s a skilled, qualified, and experienced urologist has an excellent track record in natural prostrate treatment. The acclaimed medical practitioner and surgeon has, over the years, effectively counseled and treated innumerable patients diagnosed with chronic pelvic pain syndrome, STDs, epididymitis, seminal vesiculitis, benign prostatic hyperplasia, and other types of prostatic and genitourinary contagions. The two distinct clinics where consultation and treatment for the aforementioned diseases are carried out are located close to each other. It takes about 45 minutes to an hour to drive from clinic to the other and both the medical centers have been certified by the Health Ministry under People’s Republic of China patients and conduct surgeries.

Dr Song who graduated in 1986 from the medical school of Southern China University has nearly three decades of experience in 3D prostrate treatment. The doctor and his dedicated medical team continue to persevere with R&D in prostrate diseases in order to offer improved and cost-effective treatment to patients. Findings from the research are exploited to perpetually fine-tune 3D therapy with the overarching aim of handling/curing complex prostrate disease cases including natural enlarged prostrate treatment. For the record, Dr. Song has not only effectively treated Chinese patients but also has been immensely successful in meting out treatment to patients hailing from over 60 countries including United States, Australia, Canada, UK, and Germany.

Dr Song in China has acquired a high degree of specialization in precisely diagnosing and fully treating a range of genitourinary infections and prostatic infections or diseases. The clinics have earned reputation in handling enlarged prostrate in a non-surgical, non-invasive manner that is harmless and without any side-effects. Patients also get in touch with Dr. Song for getting relief from complicated prostatic conditions like medicinal resistance, protracted prostrate sickness, pathogenic cells, and multiple laceration tissue sites to name a few. Several patients visit the clinics for confirming whether they’ve calcification, prostrate blockage, and chronic pelvic pain syndrome. Laboratory or clinical tests to pinpoint the pathogens causing prostrate disease are conducted as well.

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DR. Song's Clinics is a well-known medical practitioner based in Hunan province who has established his reputation by offering failsafe options for treating various prostrate and genitourinary diseases.

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