NEW YORK CITY, August 20, 2014 — With a thriving career as a television personality and commentator, Dr. Robi Ludwig was living the dream. The native New Yorker regularly traveled to exotic locations around the world and her thriving career was trending up- until she one day realized her true inner passion- jewelry design. She began designing statement pieces for herself, and soon her unique and elegant jewelry became part of her signature look. Not long after that the public began to notice- asking her where she purchased her fabulous jewels; orders began and before she knew it, a business was born.

Dr. Robi’s newest Collection, Vise Marie is based on the bold and dramatic costume pieces of the 1960's and 1970's. Vise Mari, which means DREAM BIG in Romanian, features one of a kind, haute couture earrings and necklaces, many of which have been commissioned and worn by stylists, designers, high profile television personalities and anchors. The Collection holds a personal and sentimental value for Dr. Robi. Inspired from childhood memories of when she religiously perused her grandmother’s jewelry box, trying on each dainty, unique piece. Carefully crafted with fine artisanship of the past and made present, Vise Marie is available at a modest price point- specifically for the purpose of all to enjoy.

Dr. Robi's( first formal collection began when a close friend commissioned an original pendant for a charity campaign. The success gained notice from QVC, who then commissioned Dr. Robi to create an inspirational pendant -- the ‘Cloud Pendant’ -- which symbolized hope and the ability to look at life from a higher perspective. Next ShopNBC commissioned the design of her very first collection entitled, Jewelry Inspirations by the Dr. Robi Collection.

Says Dr. Robi: “Everyone deserves to feel glamorous and beautiful. It is my goal to make every woman feel like her very best self, so she can go out into the world to sparkle and shine. To create a line of jewelry that's both beautiful and purposeful is truly a dream come true."