Dr. Jim Dragun “Money Maven” Helps Americans To Regain Their Financial Foundation.

February 15, 2013. Farmington Hills, Michigan. Dr. Jim Dragun has created an economic game plan for struggling Americans. During these unprecedented times, many Americans have become disheartened when they see their financial challenges continue.  
However there is hope. You and do not have to stand idly by and do nothing. During Dr. Dragun’s past life crises, he didn’t. Basically, to get through tough times, Dr. Dragun learned how to create and follow a personal economic game plan. In fact, it worked so well that even today he continues to improve upon and follow his very own game plan.

Dr. Dragun has shared the personal plan that he has used, so that perhaps you might find it to be a helpful resource. He calls it a game plan because in sports, a game plan is a series of “plays” and tactics that coaches design specifically for a team to use as they engage an opponent during a particular sporting match.  The “economic game plan” that Dr. Dragun has used over the years has gotten him through very difficult times.  It revolves around five basic tactics:

1- Setting a strong foundation based on solid operating values

2- Protecting job and retirement incomes

3- Maximizing savings by minimizing expenditures

4- Protecting your other assets (e.g. savings accounts)  

5- Investing your savings at the right time to build enduring wealth

Dr. Dragun’s extensive financial knowledge has taught him that a plan does not have to be complicated.  In fact, it can be as simple as a one-page checklist containing one column of “things to do” and another column of “things not-to-do”.  His first game plan was that simple!  However, when he worked on his very first game plan, he learned very quickly that there is no “one size fits all” plan that he could find in a book or borrow from a friend.  What works for Dr. Dragun may not necessarily work for another person.  In other words, Dr. Dragun discovered that a proper financial plan is tailored to accommodate one’s financial needs and objectives.  Your plan should be tailored to meet yours.

By visiting Dr. Dragun’s free website www.LearnWhatsNext.com, persons looking to create their very own game plan will learn that Dr. Dragun has identified five tactics to help them.  Simply select the personal category that fits your current situation and find the subsections that apply to you.  Dr. Dragun encourages all to read and re-read the subsections several times. He cautions that the subsections are interrelated: and they do not stand alone!  By reviewing the subsections that Dr. Dragun has identified, you should be able to develop a better integrated “big picture” of what your own game plan should look like.   

If you are concerned about where the economy is going and you want to know what you and your family can do to be prepared for What's Next. Dr. Dragun encourages you to visit his free website www.LearnWhatsNext.com .  By delving into the topics of this free website, you can learn about this unprecedented time. As well as learn how you can financially survive the future.
Dr. Jim Dragun “Money Maven” is a renowned scientist, entrepreneur and C.E.O.  He founded and built a world-class engineering-science consulting company.  For almost 25 years, he has led a team of specialists in engineering, physics, industrial processes, chemistry, environmental science, geology, hydrogeology, toxicology, and biology who solved environmental issues for industry and governments on six continents.  His accomplishments have been listed in Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, and Who's Who in America.

In the 1990s, Dr. Dragun began conducting his own economic, business, and market monitoring and timing. He has studied worldwide financial markets and economies.  Dr. Dragun visited over 25 countries seeking profitable business opportunities (e.g. China, Japan & the Far East, Germany & Eastern Europe, England & the United Kingdom, Western Europe, the Middle East, Africa).  Dr. Dragun maintains his own financial information - intelligence network located at world financial centers (New York, London, Toronto, Singapore, & Switzerland).  Dr. Dragun has helped businessmen, professional sports personnel, dignitaries, and religious organizations in North America, Europe, and Africa.

As the 2000 decade progressed and the economic landscape became harsher, Dr. Dragun realized that many Americans needed his insight on the future to protect their finances. As a result, he created www.LearnWhatsNext.com, his revolutionary (totally free of charge) financial insight website.  This website helps its users to see What’s Next (i.e. the future) for the economy.  It also helps its users to see What’s Next for them to do, so that they can financially survive the future.

Dr. Dragun has appeared on national TV and radio programs. He is the financial contributor for the Detroit-based morning show “Coffee And Community Radio Show.”  He is the financial contributor for LUXE 32, an ultra affluent luxury-based magazine.  He has received three lifetime achievement awards for his professional-technical work and two awards for his contributions to his community. To learn more about his website visit: www.LearnWhatsNext.com.

He can be found on Facebook at www.facebook.com/Dr.JimMoneyMavenDragun

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