21 August, 2014: Many famous people from all avenues of life have flocked to Dr. Anthony Mobasser to get the finest in cosmetic dentistry care. But patients don’t have to be a celebrity in order to experience Dr. Mobasser’s extensive expertise in cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry. His thirty years of remaking smiles has earned him the title of the Best Cosmetic Dentist Los Angeles residents, as well as patients from around of world, have ever encountered.

Dr. Mobasser has dedicated his life to making the world a beautiful place, by giving patients beautiful celebrity-style smiles, one smile at a time. Operating from his world-class, state of the art dental office, Dr. Mobasser oversees a cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills practice that is world renowned for performing amazing one-day Smile Transformations and dental reconstructions.

Dr. Mobasser offers patients a wide range of cosmetic dentistry services, including sedation dentistry to guarantee a stress-free, pain free dental experience. Whether a patient needs porcelain veneers, dental crowns or caps, dental bridges, dental implants, lumineers, or tooth reshaping and contouring, Dr. Mobasser is able to recommend and perform the ideal course of treatment to fulfill his patient’s desire or dream smile. DR Anthony Mobasser’s patients leave His Dental office happy, rejuvenated with a knock out smile!

In addition to cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dr. Mobasser also specializes in performing full mouth reconstruction, diligently working to finding the right solutions for cases of halitosis (bad breath), and jaw misalignment (TMJ), as well as eliminating periodontal disease. Dr. Mobasser believes that a person’s smile not only reflects their real character but also expresses their state of happiness to the rest of the world. He is founder of the Beverly Hills Dental Specialist Network and recipient of the prestigious Caelus Award for highest clinical proficiency.

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