USA — The Medical College Admission Test (MCAT) test is considered a standardized examination conducted for potential medical students across Canada and the United States. Practice Tests Free has developed a new software application called the MCAT Practice Test to prepare prospective medical students for MCAT. This advanced application can be downloaded for free from the website powered by CNET.

The application Free MCAT Practice Test is composed of 60 questions. The details for answering or attending each question under various sections are provided in the tool itself. The app will note all unanswered questions as “Not Attempted,” and the final score window will show these unanswered questions. Preparers can compare and analyze the scores for making sufficient improvements in future.

The website says, “The score window includes all your answers and the correct answers in one page. You can view your work and compare the results and this way you can improve your skills. The app is very simple and easy to use.”

The Free MCAT Practice Test can be installed on PCs without any specific requirements. The available version of this app is 1.0 and the file size will be 1.48 MB. The MCAT Practice Test is said to run effectively on operating systems like Windows 7/8, Windows 98, Windows 2000/2003, Windows Vista, Windows NT/XP, Windows Me and Windows Server 2008.

Practice Tests Free’s apps are intended to help people in achieving success by preparing them for various tests. The MCAT Practice Test is designed exactly like the real test. Users can go for the finals without any stress by practicing in this unique application. Full specifications and features can be collected from the website

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