Miami, FL — Recently, the construction industry has seen an upswing in new large-scale endeavors, particularly condo developments. The market seems to have turned in a new direction, bringing new challenges for sub-contractors. Once plans for a development begin and a sub-contractor is secured, a company like Douglas Orr does all the plumbing work for the entire project, from pre-development to completion. General contractors will look for sub-contractors that have experience working with similar projects. Because they are an established company that has provided plumbing services for over 40 high rise condominiums since the late 1980’s, it seems they have an advantage in this new budding market.

Management Experience Considered Vital

As these new condo developments pop up, general contractors will be looking for companies that have experience, not only in the actual sub-contracting work, but also in managing an extensive project with a large team. Douglas Orr views this new period in the construction industry as a positive sign for its company. Its project managers currently working in the high rise construction have worked in the field and come up through the ranks of the company. They have experience working on large-scale endeavors from before the economic crash that halted these now re-emerging developments.

In addition to having previous experience with this type of construction, it will be important for sub-contractors to manage their projects well. The success of a condo development or other high rise construction can turn on whether proposals are submitted on time, materials are ordered appropriately, and inspections are completed.

Mismanagement can delay the overall project, which is why Douglas Orr Plumbing plans to continue its reputation for being thorough and on-time. It hopes to be a leader in this area, encouraging all sub-contractors to be efficient, and hopefully increasing the likelihood of completing even a multi-million dollar project ahead of schedule.

Company History

Founded in 1974, Douglas Orr Plumbing is a Miami plumber with decades of experience. It recently developed a Construction Division, focusing on plumbing installation in retail space, restaurants, commercial venues, hospitals, schools, and condo developments. Currently, about 60% of its work is in construction, making it a sought-after sub-contractor for these new, large-scale Miami plumbing developments.

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