There are DOT drug testing consortium programs designed to help companies manage the federal requirements of drug and alcohol testing. Companies that don’t want to handle the procedures themselves can rely on the services of various businesses. The program is granted by DOT (Department of Transportation) and it is especially designed for companies with driver employees. There are many advantages from which companies can benefit from FAA drug testing consortium and the main purpose is to assure a safer work environment, especially when there are other people in discussion.


Unfortunately, we are not living in a safe environment and accidents occur due to many causes. But among them all, some can be avoided and with a DOT drug testing consortium program. A consortium is represented by a group of businesses that have a common goal. When it is referred to this subject, the goal is to provide drug and alcohol testing. In a simpler form, the consortium is situated between a business and the government. Once a business decides to join the FAA drug testing consortium program, there is the need to authorize the drug test and after the needed specimen is collected, the results will be displayed electronically.


There are certain providers that offer the benefits of such a program, especially for FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) employees. Businesses can easily check online and see what services suit them best. With a membership there are many advantages to consider. For example, some offer a program manual explaining the elements of the DOT drug testing program, assistance and support for planning and preparing for the DOT audit and even personal assistance. Most people don’t think about it, but the transportation industry can also have drug problems.


Requirements from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration include asking companies with one or more employees who operate with commercial motor vehicles to have a DOT drug testing consortium program. Such programs were previously suited for large companies, but now they have become mandatory and companies that don’t comply with the regulations can be subjected to fines and even the possibility of closing down the business. The FAA drug testing consortium must obtain the FAA approval and employees must be in such a program. In most cases, the employees that fall in the category are pilots, air traffic controllers and flight attendants, flight instructors and those assuring aircraft maintenance and others.


An approved FAA drug testing consortium will provide companies many benefits, including meeting DOT and FAA workplace requirements and reaching the goal of having employees with no drug or alcohol addictions. The tests are done in a safe environment and the highest quality is assured. It is about creating strong connections with companies and delivering continuous quality standards. Usually, there are certain DOT drug testing consortium programs to choose from and it depends on each company what services they actually need. It is essential to create a safe work environment, but also to assure the safety of clients and those who depend on the transportation industry.

For the best services and results, it is important to find an approved DOT drug testing consortium program. Safety should always be put on the first place and by choosing a FAA drug testing consortium program, a step ahead is made.