Dont underestimate power of a common man


Siphar, the in-house magazine from PR 24x7 Network Limited recognizes power of common man




The above mentioned quote is a famous line, Shahrukh Khan, the crown less king of bollywood spoke in his latest offering “Chennai Express” one of the biggest Hindi movies, bollywood could produce for ascertaining film viewers in 2013.  He meant to say that God gave significance to each particle of this universe, including Zero, who independently holds no value unless it is put before or ahead of a number. Similarly a common man, who despite being failure in many efforts, could click any moment, provided his talent what so ever is added with another person.


It was India who first gave zero the status of a number and it was Hindu mathematicians who first conceived of zero as a number. Zero signifies something very different from simply nothing. Zero has the power to build any number (eg.10, 100, 1000 etc.) at the same time it has the ability to destroy another number — zero times of anything is zero.


Zero stands for vacuum, void, nothing. The discovery of zero and the place value system were inventions unique to the Indian civilization. It was India that gave to the world the value of Zero which was represented by the words like Shoonya in the earliest Sanskrit texts. In mathematical language Shoonya means nothing, its value is nil, however spiritually it symbolizes the ultimate being the Parabrahma. Shuunya is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning zero, nothingness. Shuunya is a symbol that represents absence and it indicates the presence of nothing. Absence lies at the beginning and also at the end of existence.


Shuunya is a Sanskrit word. Su means blissful, auspicious, delightful, good etc. Universe is called Soonya and is regulated by the all pervading supreme Lord SriManNarayana (Niyamaka). Zero is considered as a revelation of Divinity. It represents the cosmic egg. Lord Vishnu is known as Hiranyagarbhah from whose vitality emerged that famous golden egg which is the one from which creation takes place. He is the cause of the universe, directly responsible for creation of everything in the universe. There cannot be any other cause other than Lord Vishnu for the creation of the universe. He manifests himself first before the creation of the universe.


Shuunya is one of the several thousands of names of Lord Vishnu. In Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Stothram, sloka # 79 we find a reference to the word Soonya (Viirahaa vishhamah suunyo ghritaasiir achalaschalah). One, who is without any attributes, appears as Shuunya (emptiness).  He is the One who is a big zero as far as the defects are concerned. He is the only one in the Universe who is totally devoid of any defects of any kind. He is the one who annihilates everything during Maha Pralaya (great deluge). Even during Maha Pralaya when nothing exists still He exists and He is real eternal and primordial.


Thus we see how zero bears unbelievable powers. It realized its existence and presence in each era and still the biggest desire of all living people in the universe to add innumerable siphars or zeroes , after the last digit of their latest money. PR 24x7 Network Limited never underestimated power of siphar that is why it created a bunch of varied taste in the form of SIPHAR an online monthly magazine. January 2014 edition is available online. Viewers are requested to put their views on our efforts. We aim to create space in the hearts of viewers of all ages that is why we incorporated subjects including entertainment, sports, business, astrology, numerology, stories, politics, and many more.


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