Pet owners have a responsibility to ensure their animals won’t pose a safety hazard to any individuals they encounter. The Washington dog bite lawyers of the Bernard Law Group are offering tips designed to counteract the risk of a dangerous incident.

Seattle, WA - Most dogs are docile creatures that will never hurt a human being. And most pet owners are responsible people who would never dream of putting their animals in a situation that would allow them to harm others.

But mistakes do get made, and there’s also that portion of the population that isn’t as responsible with their pet ownership. One misstep is all it takes for children, adults, and even pets themselves to be put at risk.

The Seattle dog bite attorneys of the Bernard Law Group hope that no one has to deal with the heartache of an animal attack, whether that incident result from your own pet attacking someone or a family member sustaining an injury due to another individual’s irresponsibility. That’s why the firm has compiled tips that seek to help people avoid danger altogether. Kirk Bernard, the founder of the Bernard Law Group, offered this:

“Our firm is by no means antidog,” said Mr. Bernard. “What we are against are pet owners who commit neglectful actions that put others at risk, leaving themselves open to liability. That’s not fair to anyone who comes into contact with that pet, and it’s not fair to the dog either. We’re hoping these tips send a message that pet ownership is a responsibility like any other while simultaneously helping everyday citizens avoid the types of situations that can lead to adversity.”

With that in mind, pet owners and anyone else curious about safety can learn from the following insights:

* Don’t Brazenly Approach A Strange DogIt seems obvious, but this is one of the most important things to realize. While the majority of dogs might be pleased to be pet by a stranger, others can get scared and lash out. Always ask the owner prior to approaching a dog or allowing a child to do the same. If you have a dog on a leash and the animals want to sniff each other, first ask the owner if it’s acceptable to bring the dogs together.

* Be Vigilant Even those with friendly dogs must realize that accidents happen. People allowed to pet the dog might accidentally step on its paw, or a child who doesn’t know better may play too hard. Pet owners thus need to be prepared to intervene should the animal lash out on instinct. Keep a strong grip on the leash and have some distraction, like a toy or a treat, at the ready.

* Yard CareOwners must take extra precautions if their animals are diggers, jumpers, or are otherwise capable of escaping an enclosed yard. Any potential deficiencies in a fence need to be fixed so that an owner can remain confident in his or her ability to keep the pet contained in the yard. Supervision when a dog is outside can also go a long way.

* Be A Good HostSome people are under the mistaken impression that they escape liability when an individual walks through their door. In actuality, the opposite is true. It’s in your own home that you owe guests an immense duty of care, as they have the reasonable expectation that their visit can take place in a safe environment. When hosting guests, keep a pet in a designated room with its favorite toys and/or a bone, or if a dog is allowed to wander the entire home, distract it with a bone as guests arrive.

* On A Leash No matter how well a pet may mind commands, all it takes is the wrong trigger one time to cause its animal instincts to kick in, and that situation can quickly escalate beyond your control. When walking a dog or taking it to a dog park, keep the animal on a leash, for its protection and the protection of others.

* Training If a pet has behavioral issues or is simply too aggressive, enlist a trainer. There’s no shame in doing such a thing, and in the end, training can be a positive experience
for you, your dog, and everyone your dog encounters.

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