Don’t be an old fool is a book in its second edition written by author Dr. Daryl. D. Green. In this book, he creates parallels on how the modern culture has led to a sense of unhappiness in the lives of people.

29 March 2016 — The second edition of Don’t be an Old Fool is packed with numerous informative articles on a variety of topics and also features a special section catering to employment. Through this book, author, Dr. Daryl Green has openly criticized the solutions that today’s popular culture offers to the youth. This leaves them feeling nothing but unhappy and unfulfilled.

In order to counter this and make their lives wholesome again, Dr. Green has covered a vast number of topics including relationships. These are some of the most common issues that one faces in their everyday life. Dr. green has come up with healthy ways to deal with these problems and find a solution that is logical and sound.

Every chapter consists of an introduction, which is aptly written in the form of parodies that exhibit wit and humor. Some of the topics covered include, ‘dealing with broke folks’ and ‘superfluous people’.

“What a great book! Don’t Be An Old Fool illustrates Dr. Green’s passion to coach people and help with individuals’ life events.”
-    Noriko Chapman, international expert and author of Second Chance.

All the information that has been included in the book has been carefully compiled from a number of his published works. These articles have previously been featured in newspapers and magazines all over the globe. Some of these include the Knoxville News Sentinel and the Black Pearl magazine.

Don’t be an Old Fool also has its own book trailer. To see, visit:

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