Los Angeles, CA, 03, June 2016: “One should always take domestic violence criminal charges very seriously.” Attorney Ronald Hedding corroborates this fact in his new video and maintains that one should be careful while hiring an attorney to fight for their case in the court. An experienced Domestic violence attorney in Los Angeles can only protect the legal rights of an accused and can save the person from undergoing any harsh treatment while the matter is under subjugation.

Attorney Ron has over 25 years of experience in handling domestic violence and other types of criminal cases in Los Angeles. He understands how often people commit mistakes in hiring a lawyer and eventually devastate their own life. According to him, the law is getting stricter against people found committing domestic violence crimes, and it needs knowledge and skills for a lawyer to create a solid defense strategy to save his/ her client. This is the reason why he has started offering free consultation to the accused of domestic violence cases. Anyone can call his office at 866-986-2092 and can seek an expert advice in their case.

When asked about the reason behind publishing the video, Attorney Ron states that it is all about creating awareness. The video can simply allow a person to understand the severity of a domestic violence case. Accordingly, he can prepare himself to face the legal proceedings with an experienced lawyer by his side. Attorney Ron maintains that it is very important to hire an attorney who has a proven record of successfully handling domestic violence cases.

According to Attorney Ron, domestic violence cases are quite different from other types of criminal offenses. Here, charges are leveled by the spouse, and not by a stranger. This is the reason why judges consider charges very seriously. One can, however, learn more about domestic violence crimes and how to create an adequate defense system by accessing the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p0CU5WsBT0I.

About Ronald Hedding

Besides having over 75 years experience, being well known, and being well respected by judges, prosecutors, and peers, Ronald Hedding and other Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorneys at the Hedding Law Firm have a passion and zeal when it comes to defending and being an advocate for clients. They have successfully handled numerous cases in the arena of criminal defense, involving sex crimes, drug crimes, theft crimes, white collar crimes, domestic violence crimes, and DUI related matters.