Electronic currency has been growing rapidly in popularity due to the convenience and security of online "cash" when compared to traditional payment options. There are several popular currencies supported by ALFAcashier, a global currency exchange service . ALFAcashier allows users to purchase several forms of electronic currency, the latest of which, Dogecoin, promises to prove as popular as other currencies.

Dogecoin is a new electronic currencies that allows users to purchase "Dogecoins" and exchange them for other cryptocurrencies. Once the user has the form of electronic money needed for a particular platform like PayPal, he or she can withdraw funds, transfer money and purchase items online. Like Bitcoin, a popular cryptocurrency, Dogecoins can be used for transfers in both U. S. dollars and Euros and will transfer into any bank account. Dogecoins also convert automatically to all supported currencies and are not limited as some e-currencies are.

Like Bitcoin, Dogecoin seems to be generating popularity among professional traders. However, unlike Bitcoin, Dogecoin also seems to be popular with regular users due to its easy-to-use format and understandable conversion factors. Dogecoins are quickly becoming acceptable across the web at sites that sell a wide variety of goods and services. Dogecoins also support the use of secure e-wallets, making them even safer than traditional payment methods.

“As a modern currency exchange platform , we strive to support as many major currencies as possible and add new ones as soon as they are accepted by the global community and e-commerce providers,” said Helena Schwartz, Head of Customer Service at ALFAcashier. “Dogecoin is a new name on the market that is quickly gaining popularity, so we could not ignore it for obvious reasons. Its recent inclusion on our list of supported currencies offers our users more flexibility and convenience in exchanging their electronic funds and makes us one of the most versatile online exchanges.”

Users can register with ALFAcashier for free. A commission is charged on each currency exchange transaction. Rates are available by visiting the ALFAcashier website.

About ALFAcashier:

Founded in 2012, ALFAcashier is an easy-to-use exchange platform supporting all major electronic currencies and cryptocurrencies. ALFAcashier integrates and erases the boundaries between electronic payment systems. Since 2014, ALFAcashier supports SEPA/SWIFT transfers to banks around the world as well as withdrawal to PayPal.

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