Portland, Oregon —2 August, 2016 - Pets Are Human produce their Hip and Joint Chew Supplement for dogs, a nutritional supplement for dogs which has been attracting dog lovers whose dogs suffer from joint pain, hip dysplasia or arthritis. Their formula contains glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM as well as Omega 3 Fish Oil, to help rebuild and strengthen joint cartilage, to provide pain relief for dogs, and give them the energy and mobility they used to have. The product supports treatment of dog arthritis, hip dysplasia in dogs, and a variety of other mobility issues in aging and active dogs.

Pets are Human are so sure that there will be an improvement in the dog’s mobility, that they offer a 100% Empty Jar money back satisfaction guarantee. If there is no improvement they will refund your purchase price with no need to return the jar. This guarantee has attracted hundreds of customers. Here is what a few of their happy customers say on Amazon:

“Our 5-year-old aussie shepherd/golden retriever mix dog was having some issues with arthritis and stiffness in her joints. She would take a longer time getting up from laying down and was just moving slower and stiffer when she finally got going. Since starting these chews she seems to be acting more like her old self. She is up playing around and able to chase the kids around the yard like she used too. She also is moving quicker and has even cost our toddler to lose a few unsecured cookies when he isn't looking.”

“My dog has been suffering from hip dysplasia for a while so I decided to give these supplements a try. My dog is no longer limping and is much more playful since starting this product. He really likes the taste of them. He gets excited as if he were getting a treat. I'm really happy I have found a product that finally works.”

“This is the first time I have ever tried a supplement for my pooch. She suffered a broken hind leg when she was a puppy and so she has suffered from stiffness and such. About a month after starting these she did seem to be moving around more easily. She also seemed to have an increase in her energy. I think I will try these again when we run out.”

And these are just a few of the 380+ reviews with at least 80% of them being 5 star and more than 90% over 4 star. Everybody is excited about this product. To learn more visit Amazon.
About Pets Are Human:

Pets Are Human Hip and Joint Chew Supplement contains Glucosamine, Chondroitin, MSM,  Omega 3 Fish Oil, and Manganese. The supplement has pain relief and anti-inflammatory properties. It is recommended for any dog with hip and joint problems, arthritis and hip dysplasia. Made in the USA, the chews are Cold Pressed - manufactured using a method which preserves active ingredients - is gentle on the dog’s stomach and prevents bloating. Available on Amazon.com (http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0131KPRIA).
Sophia Green
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