Does your school comply with CBSC Mandates?


  1. CBSE mandates that all affiliated schools should maintain websites which contain details of affiliation, student enrollment, management, etc.
  2. Apart from these requirements, educational institutes must have a website to have an online presence and digital influence, and to attract prospective students.
  3. Career Lift, an Ed-Tech company, helping institutes meet both these objectives by furnishing them with a website which has been developed by education experts.


According to CBSE circular03/10 October 18, 2010 the Central Board of Secondary Education requires all schools affiliated with it to have comprehensive and updated websites. The website should cover extensive details such as the affiliation status of the school, details of infrastructure and amenities offered by the school, the names and designations of teachers, their qualifications, student enrollment and student-teacher ratio, details about the school’s management, land area, academic session, vacation period etc.CBSE has also stipulated that the website should be updated by 15th September every year. Creating and maintaining such a comprehensive website can be a cumbersome task.


However, educational institutes should have a website not only because of this CBSE mandate but because in today’s day and age, having an impactful presence online is very important, especially to highlight their brand and attract students. When a parent looks for the best education for their child, they invariably turn to the Internet for reliable information. If your school has an attractive website, it will definitely capture the attention of prospective students and their parents.


Many schools are unable to fulfill this CBSE requirement as web-development may not be their forte or they might be unaware of all the important components of a school website. Career Lift, an ed-tech company, can help institutes abide by this CBSE norm by giving them a fully-developed, extensive and modifiable website. Education experts, like those at Career Lift, understand the needs of educational institutes and the stipulations of CBSE alike, and so they are the best professionals to handle all your technological and web-development concerns. Nitil Gupta, Founder of Career Lift says, “We use the latest technology to build an appealing website with an optimum design. Moreover, our clients have the option to easily modify, customize or update the website on their own. Our product is cost-effective and time-efficient for educational institutes, especially since we provide the website content-ready.”