14, July 2016: Up to now, only 16 national teams remain standing at Euro 2016.The amazing matches are coming near. The editor gently reminds you that do not forget to do some exercise with riding Airwheel electric scooters after spending long-time and energy in watching live broadcasts of Euro 2016.

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Germany, Croatia, Italy, France, Poland, Spain, Belgium, Wales, England, Switzerland, Hungary, Iceland, Portugal, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Slovakia reach the knockout phase of Euro 2016. Soccer fans from all over the world will continue to focus on the following matches by taking lots of energy. After enjoying the exciting moments, you had better do some exercises by riding Airwheel intelligent self-balancing scooters for relaxing yourselves, the editor reminds.


There are totally six major series of products from Airwheel for your reference, including Q series, X series, A series, S series, Z series and M series. Airwheel, a leading-level enterprise in producing intelligent equipment, has achieved a great success in providing the portable and practical intelligent vehicles for the masses.


The recommended scooter can be S series electric walkcars. As described above, soccer fans can ride S6 or S8 double-wheels electric self-balancing scooter to walk a dog in a park or in the roads near home. With the two-modes riding postures, riders can choose to sit or stand to ride. Of course, sitting posture riding will be suitable since you have to hold your pet with your hands. In this case, A series scooters can also be an option.


Or the M series skateboards can be listed into the entertainment ways. Though M3 electric air board could be manipulated by a wireless remote control, it also requires rider’s body to shift center of gravity when making a turning. Therefore riding Airwheel electric skateboard M3 will cost some strength.


Next should be Z series products. With the triple folding system, small size and light weight, Z3 or Z5 standing up electric scooter can be used for matching with public transporting vehicles in daily commuting for relieving the traffic congestion. Certainly, X series and Q series can also be used for relaxing. The selection depends on you. Enjoy the next matches of Euro 2016!

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