12, February 2015: DMR Trading Corp. has successfully obtained licensing and final approval from both the USDA and Florida Department of Agriculture for its flagship product, Plant Cell Fusion (PCF). PCF is a liquid type, naturally derived high yield plant nutrient containing 19 essential amino acids. The company has achieved exceptional results in crop trials conducted on citrus, grapes, cabbage, and turf.

A spokes person for DMR Trading Corp. stated, “Plant Cell Fusion is a long awaited development that has taken over 5 years to perfect. It is an extraordinary product that will revolutionize the way crops are grown in the United States and abroad. This plant nutrient is so powerful that we recommend it to be diluted with 1,000 times water for foliar application. Plant Cell Fusion is in a class of its own; there is nothing like it on the market today. It has a multitude of benefits and can be adapted for use in any growing application. Some of its benefits include: Significantly boosts yield (10-30%), improves resistance to temperature extremes and moisture variance, improves taste via higher Brix level, boosts plants’ natural defenses to disease and pathogens, accelerates root, leaf, and stem growth, and improves soil conditions by stimulating microbial activity, thereby reducing or eliminating crop rotations and fallow ground. As a Florida based company, we are fully aware of the “Greening” epidemic in the Citrus Industry and have conducted extensive crop trials to verify Plant Cell Fusion’s effectiveness in combating the HLB disease. Documented test results definitively prove that our product not only protects orange trees from acquiring the disease, but also helps restore infected trees to their original health and fruit bearing conditions. Currently, no other product on the market has been shown to be as effective in treating advanced stage HLB in citrus. USDA and Florida Department of Agriculture licensing and approval of Plant Cell Fusion was the last piece of the puzzle for us to fully launch our product. It will be commercially available in 2.5 gallon containers starting in March of this year. Please visit our website at www.plantcellfusion.com for more information.”

For Media Contact:
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Representative: Daniel M. Rollins
Address: 3502 SW San Giorgio Street,
Port Saint Lucie, FL 34953
Phone: (772) 497-4103
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