United States; 26, July 2016: A home and kitchen appliances company has announced that they finally have found a solution to the pressing problem of meat being over or under-cooked in the kitchen.

Divinity In Motion first started working on their proprietary digital food thermometer with the sole intention of creating a measurement probe that can accurately take the temperature of food while it is being cooked/baked in the oven so that the finished food item turns out perfectly.

Sean Lim, the owner of Divinity In Motion, announced this month that they finally created the ideal solution in the form of the Smarthomes brand digital cooking thermometer and also mentioned how aspiring chefs both men and women will be excited with this development.

Of the company’s recent digital oven probe launch success, owner Sean Lim said “For the first time, we have in our hands a handy kitchen appliance that can easily take temperatures of our food in seconds. And because of its wide temperature range of -50C (-58F) to 300C (572F), it’s one of the most versatile food temperature gauges available.”

Speaking about how the Smarthomes Digital Meat Thermometer differs from existing temperature probes, Sean pointed out the following differences:

- The supreme ease of use: Press "ON", stick it into the meat, and you’ll get an accurate temperature of up to 0.1 C/F in mere seconds.

- The unheard of versatility: With a temperature measurement range of -50C (-58F) to 300C (572F), just this one tool is enough to check both cold and hot foods.

- Proprietary intelligent shut-off automatically switches the digital food thermometer off after 10 ~ 15 seconds of idle time to save on battery consumption.

- Of course, the team at Divinity In Motion feels that bundling the digital cooking thermometer together with a set of recipe ebooks and videos for free tops the cake.

Resa, one of the first customers of the Smarthomes Digital Meat Thermometer said “I'm not sure how my husband and I ever went through life without a cooking thermometer. We grill so much but it was always hit or miss, especially if it was dark outside. Now our meats are always grilled to perfection for our liking without a problem. Since we started using it, we like our food a lot more too! Plus we're not cutting up the majority of our meats to see if they are done or not! Love this product, packaging was perfect and shipping was fast as always.”

For more information, please visit their website at http://www.amztk.com/meattherm

About Divinity In Motion:

The company has been in the market to provide trustworthy kitchen appliances to every home in the country and around the world. With the commitment to constant improvement and taking customer feedback seriously, their products have been proven to be the perfect addition to every home chef.

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