The movie will premiere on 15th August


New Delhi, August 03, 2016: This Independence Day, get ready to enter a world of fun, masti and entertainment with Discovery Kids’ newest character Sheikh Chilli and his gang of friends in the special movie — SHEIKH CHILLI AND FRIENDZ. Meet the adorable Sheikh Chilli and follow his adventures as he and his friends take you on a ride that is full of laughs and fun.


SHEIKH CHILLI AND FRIENDZ premieres on August 15th at 10 am, only on Discovery Kids.


Based on the popular comic character of Lotpot, the movie is produced by Apsons Entertainment in association with IRealities Intl.


Sheikh Chilli is a simpleton from the town of Jhunjhun Nagar who lives with his mother. He’s a day-dreamer with his heart in the right place, but his actions cause a lot of humour amongst his friends. He is joined in his adventures by Malika, his smart neighbor and classmate, Bulbul the talking donkey who is as silly as Sheikh Chilli himself, Khatkoo the pocket-sized dwarf friend from another planet and Noorie Djinn, a genie who is capable of fulfilling all of Sheikh Chilli’s wishes.


Creating trouble for Sheikh Chilli and Friendz is the evil witch Buri, who is after the magical necklace worn by Noorie Djinn so that she can become all-powerful. The friends encounter various other characters through the course of the movie which results in hilarious situations and many laughs.


Together, this unusual gang of friends is the source of humour for everyone around them. Catch SHEIKH CHILLI AND FRIENDZ, the movie loaded with comedy, action and drama only on Discovery Kids.


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