Research Peptides website presented a review about Ipamorelin. Ipamorelin belongs to the category of peptide hormones. It enhances the production of growth hormone and provides simulated effects of ghrelin in the organism. Ipamorelin is distinguished by the significant influence that it has on the process of stimulating the secretion of growth hormone. In addition, unlike other growth hormone-releasing peptides, this drug allows to preserve the natural process of producing growth hormone with characteristic peaks that are observed at a certain time. Ipamorelin belongs to the category of hormonal drugs of the latest generation, which are responsible for increasing the synthesis of growth hormone

It should be especially emphasized that of all stimulants of growth hormone, Ipamorelin is the safest and most selective stimulant, even after exceeding the standard dosages, Ipamorelin will stimulate only the production of growth hormone, while not affecting the levels of prolactin and cortisol in the blood. It is this property that makes Ipamorelin so attractive to professional athletes. Effects of Ipamorelin: increases muscle mass; decreases in the percentage of fat and the amount of fat in the body; increases strength and endurance; accelerates healing of wounds and burns; strengthens the heart; enhances the immune system; increases production of IGF-1; increases calcium retention, strengthens and improves bone mineralization and bone density; increases protein synthesis and stimulates the growth of all internal organs except the brain; promotes glycolysis in the liver; normalizes the activity of pancreas.

The side effects of this peptide are all phenomena not related to stimulation of the secretion of growth hormone. Considering the group releasing growth hormone peptides, we traditionally attribute to these products the ability to influence the stimulation of the secretion of not only growth hormone, but also the secretion of prolactin and cortisol. In addition, it is quite usual for us to have a feeling of hunger when using these peptides. But Ipamorelin, due to its structure, goes beyond these stereotypes, and does not cause a feeling of hunger, and it is not capable of exerting any influence on lactotrophs (responsible for the secretion of prolactin) and on eosinophilic cells (responsible for the secretion of ACTH). It is for this selectivity this product is generally called selective, since it is now established that it affects only the growth cell. The advantages of Ipamorelin are similar to another anabolic steroids and it is only up to you to decide if its administration is right for you.

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