24 December, 2013: Maintaining a dirt bike is essential because no matter whether it is being ridden, whether for fun or race professionally, a good maintenance schedule can be a lifesaver for both owner/rider and bike, according to the leading San Diego dirt bike maintenance specialist and head of Vista Motorcycle, Daniel Sweet. 

“Regular maintenance extends not just the life of your bike, but it performs better and will possibly save you from a bad crash and a helicopter ride to the hospital,” notes Sweet, who’s motorcycle repair shop is located just off the 78 Freeway between Mar Vista and Civic Center Drive in Vista, CA. 

“It helps to avoid inconvenient and often times embarrassing breakdowns. But most of all, the proper and regular maintenance of your dirt bike saves you money in the long run,” added the dirt bike maintenance specialist. 

Top 5 Dirtbike Pre-Ride Prep & Maintenance Essentials 

Here are five “”Must Do” procedures the Vista Motorcycle dirt bike maintenance and repair specialist says every dirt bike rider should perform before and/or after a riding trip. 

1) Tire Pressure:
Right tire pressure is important to get the best traction while avoiding unnecessary trouble down the road such as flat tires, bent or broken rims and other crash related accidents. 

2) Regular Wash:
Washing your bike after a day at the track or when coming home from a longer weekend outing is a great way to stay on top of problems before they escalate. Use this time of detailed cleaning to inspect your bike for wear, broken items, odd issues, etc. 

3) Check for Leaks:
Look for oil, gas and coolant leaks. Also, make sure there are no fluids on the ground and underneath the motor after it has been sitting for a while.

4) Clean and Lube the Chain:
Clean them well but not too aggressively, especially if using a wire brush. Be careful with o-ring chains. You could damage the o-rings. Spray, scrub, rinse, repeat until clean. Clean the rear sprocket too. After dry, lube your chain with a high quality chain lubricant. 

5) Tightening Bolts:
Vibration can loosen even the tightest bolts over time and increase tolerances between parts. Ignoring this step can cause damage to you bike and even serious accidents. Hence, it is better to check and tighten them on a regular basis. 

“While most people are capable of doing the above maintenance by themselves, having the time to doing is usually a mitigating factor. If that’s your case, bring it over, we’ll take care of it for you so you can get back out there as soon as possible and enjoy your ride,” says the Vista Motorcycle dirt bike maintenance and repairs provider. 

Vista Motorcycle is a great alternative repair shop of motorcycle dealers in Vista CA. For further information, call 760-724-9258 or visit the following website to read the full article: http://vistamotorcycle.com/articles/dirtbikeprepessentials/ 

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