The UK based sweets retailer Direct Sweets have recently launched its international shipping service. Keeping in tune with its promise, the firm also launched its full line of sweets and candies, each representing its culture. The firm’s huge selection of sweets mostly comes from authentic creations, delivering not just great taste but the culture behind it.

The candy industry in UK was mostly limited to the country and neighboring countries. It was therefore a first of its kinds when a candy firm was bold enough to reach beyond and start sharing its sweets with other parts of the world. It has been announced that this wholesale retailer has no limit when it comes to the shipping boundary. The Company manager has confirmed that so long as customers give their full address, the firm has no problem with shipping it, no matter how far the customer is located. The firm’s wide collection of candies includes American sweets, retro sweets, and other types of wholesale sweets.

The firm’s international shipping service has been a boon since its launch and many others have followed suit. Today, there are many candy wholesale retailers that are willing to provide international shipping so long as customers request for it. The firm’s delivery service depends on the country and location of the customers.

The firm’s web site has been designed in such a way that visitors find it easy to find the sweets they prefer or are looking for. The gallery is arranged and designed in such a way that customers can bump into the candies that they might be interested in. Visitors can also shop according to occasion whether it is a birthday party, or Valentine’s Day, wedding, Halloween, Easter, Christmas, etc. The firm also offer discounts on such special occasions, making it a cheaper bargain to customers. For more information please go to


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Direct Sweets is a UK based candy wholesaler that offers wholesale rates on all types of sweets and candies. It also offers international shipping service at a great bargain.


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