East Launceston, Tasmania March 18th, 2016 — Digital cooking and meat thermometer is one of the best devices you can use in the kitchen to avoid a potential disaster in the kitchen, home or business. It is an accurate digital meat cooking device. Commercial chefs know how vital it is to stay food-safe with accurate, reliable equipment to ensure that they never have any problems with food preparation. This device can measure the freshness of the meat and at the same time its accurate temperature reading will give a fool proof reading to show if the food should be cooked for longer or needs more time on the heat.

Do not run the risk of poisoning clients or friends and family. “Do you ever get to a certain point when you want to check how well cooked the meat is? When we cook meat of any kind, we want to make sure that is has been cooked in a thorough way. When barbequing meat it is often cooked for longer than necessary because we are unsure that it has been cooked thoroughly.” Catriona said.

Throughout the years there have been food scares and poisoning infections from badly prepared foods. One of the worst diseases from poorly prepared food is Trichinellosis, also called Trichinosis. It is caused by eating raw or undercooked, infected meat. Undercooked meat harbours salmonella and other bacteria which can contribute to very serious health consequences. How can Trichinellosis be prevented?

Ways to prevent Trichinellosis
The following are ways to prevent Trichinellosis.
* The best way to prevent Trichinellosis is to cook meat to safe temperatures. A food thermometer should be used to measure the internal temperature of cooked meat.
* Do not sample meat until it is cooked.

Follow these recommendations for the preparation of meats in the home or for a commercial operation
* For Whole Cuts of Meat (excluding poultry and wild game)
- Cook to at least 145° F (63° C) as measured with a food thermometer placed in the thickest part of the meat, then allow the meat to rest* for three minutes before carving or consuming.
* For Ground Meat (excluding poultry and wild game)
* Cook to at least 160° F (71° C); ground meats do not require a rest* time.
- For Wild Game (whole cuts and ground)
* Cook to at least 160° F (71° C).
-For All Poultry (whole cuts and ground)
* Cook to at least 165° F (74° C), and for whole poultry allow the meat to rest* for three minutes before carving or consuming.

“To ensure that you avoid the likelihood of any of these problems look no further than this excellent device. The Digital Cooking Meat and Candy Thermometer specifically measures the state and temperature of the meat/foods gives a clear indication whether it is properly cooked or not?” said Bruce. “Wherever you are and whatever the occasion (whether domestic or commercial) it is extremely important that all food is well-cooked or you run the risk of poisoning family or customers or worse especially with meat of any kind.” Bruce added.

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