24, November 2016: Staying stylish may have just become a lot easier for men, thanks to Differio. Differio is an online fashion retailer targeting today's modern, urban male.

As a brand, Differio isn't content with the status quo in the fashion industry. It wants to make fashion more exciting and rewarding for men it feels have been left out. Many men, the company suggests, are tired of looking the same as everybody else. They’re fed up with having to wear the same combination of shirts, jackets and jeans all the time. They want a fashion store that will give them something a bit different to the standard fare on offer in most men's clothes shops.

Differio is now capitalizing on this sentiment. It has geared its business toward helping urban males find clothing that is fashionable, edgy and unique. The company claims that style isn’t just about buying clothes that fit. It's also about findings new ways to help men express themselves in a bold, fearless manner.

Now that apparel shopping has moved online, finding clothes that allow men to express themselves just got a lot easier. No more waiting in line to buy clothes, the company says. Online shopping makes the whole process as seamless as possible.

Differio Doesn’t Apologize For Being Different

Differio as a company values the edginess of its designs. It wants its customers to walk around in rare menswear pieces that help them to stand out from the crowd. It’s not afraid of edgy underwear designs, and it doesn’t shy away from embracing originality.

A large segment of Differio's customers are in the gay community. The store appeals to this segment through its range of layered mesh shirts and branding. There’s a celebration of hedonism here in its line, with bold graphics like “Enjoy” and “Pleasure.” There's also a variety of different styles that appeal to certain demographics. These include faded New York T-shirts, sheer varsity tank tops and leather harness tank tops.

Differio's jackets also differ significantly from the standard fare in other menswear shops. Here you can find fed faux leather quilted jackets, patched bombers, and beige shearling jacket retro luxe.

The real action, however, is in the underwear section. Expect thongs, g-strings, and snake print boxer briefs. You can also pick up mens leggings in a variety of styles not often seen elsewhere on the high street.

Differio Wants To Be A Trend Setter

When the founders launched the business back in 2014, they agreed that the last thing that the world needed was another fashion store. They wanted to create something different and called the business Differio to emphasize this fact. The objective of the company now is to become a global trendsetter. They want their designs to lead revolutions in all areas of men’s apparel. This includes changing the way we see men’s accessories, denim, and sportswear.

The company is currently focused on making its lines sexy, masculine, vintage, athletic, and high quality. You can find out more about the clothing, accessories, and brands that the company has on offer on its website.

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