Airwheel E6 is more than a bike mounted with battery. It is an intelligent E-bike in new era. Airwheel E6 folding electric bike is to become your desirable companion in life or work. These features of Airwheel E6 electric bike are worth noting.

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Airwheel E6 electric assist bicycle is to become your desirable companion in life or work. As we know, the original intention of electric bikes is to save time and energy for daily commuters. Airwheel E6, a more intelligent electric bike with ingenious designs will overturn people’s traditional concepts about the new type of commuting device.

Airwheel E6 made of aluminum alloy, supports 100kg load with the 14.15kg body weight. The pure white main body dotted with orange appears fresh and invigorating in the scorching summer. Details in structure design and material application make E6 folding electric bike perfect. Airwheel E6 selects a ventilated rubber saddle in innovative left-right design. Whatever your body shape is, it guarantees balanced force on hips so as to bring a more comfortable riding experience.

Airwheel E6 electric bike kit is equipped with branded lithium battery, which is automotive-grade, light and handy. The battery generates a steady stream of power. Meanwhile, it is dismountable. Users can replace it without any trouble. An USB port on the battery turns it into a portable power charge. High efficient USB power supply interface can meet the charging demands of mobile phone, Tablet, SLR and other daily smart devices.

Multi-functional handlebar with EBS, bell, phone holder and headlight is to give riders comfortable and convenient riding experience. There is a button on the handle and the vehicle accelerates easily by riders pushing the button. E6 battery operated e bike( adopts dual shock absorption system. It can confidently conquers complicated urban road conditions, without causing any discomfort.

A customized app is a complement to Airwheel E6 smart electric bike. App fault self-diagnosis guarantees your safety before travelling and the attentive intelligent design to set the speed level make it is easy to control even for the first riding. There are too much innovative features designed to make Airwheel E6 a more scientific product and provide the best user experience. Undoubtedly, Airwheel E6 will make others suffer an eclipse.

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