Both businesses and individuals with academic endeavor look for professional translation services these days. While businesses want their websites and marketing collaterals to be translated in different languages, the individuals often need error-free transliteration of academic papers, legal documents and different other types of documents. Therefore, choosing really efficient traductores (translators) should be a priority for people who need jobs of this nature to be done.  If you Google for professional translation services, you will find tons of standalone and web-based applications that promise to get the job done for you within minutes. However, these applications are mostly pre-programmed and the artificial intelligence of these programs is certainly outmatched by the human translators, experienced professionals serving the language industry for quite few years. What are the desirable qualities of traducción (translation) professionals? Read on to know.


Desirable qualities of competent professional translators

A competent person for the job will have the following qualities:

-             Sound knowledge of both the languages, excellent spoken and written communication skills of the source language

-             Solid command over the target and source language

-             Have some proficiency in the subject matter of the source text

-             Deep understanding of the idiomatic and etymological correlations between the source and target languages

-             High sense of metaphrasing and paraphrasing

Therefore, a truly efficient translator should not have just knowledge of two languages, but he or she should also possess knowledge of two cultures and the etymological differences between the source and targeted languages. Good traductores (translators) do not just follow the grammar and spelling rules of different languages, they draw cultural and etymological references wherever necessary and put high emphasis on transliterating connotative use of words and phrases. 


Good translators hone their skills as long as they work professionally and only academic degrees and diplomas are not enough for reaching perfection in this job. If you require a document or manuscript or a website content to be translated and published in a different language, you should look for professionals who have years of experience and should not just trust inexperienced professionals who can certainly produce  acceptable results, but cannot give you exactly what you are looking for.


The job of a translator

The job of a professional translator is very much alike an artist or composer who interprets the notations or works of art by other musicians and artists. The job of a translator involves finding the right equivalents in terms of words, phrases and idiomatic expressions. They do not always follow the strict rules of grammar and translation is not merely a job of finding the equivalent words or phrases in other languages. Instead, translating is a subtle art that can b e soaked in perfection only after years of experience earned in the related field. This is where machine translators or automated software programs almost become invalid as they can only replace stock words and phrases with the equivalents in their databases. You cannot expect a machine to be intuitive enough to change or elevate the style of writing. Only human traducción (translation) professionals can do the job.

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