For most people, sneakers are just a pair of gym shoes at best, and are shoes that should be worn on a daily basis only by people who are not quite out of middle school. Nevertheless, many top fashion designers, including Louis Vuitton, have come up with glamorous wedge versions of these comfortable athletic shoes. The LV version is called the Kilimanjaro, and here are four ways to wear these Louis Vuitton sneakers from Designer Outlet Sale .

1. With leggings. When wearing wedge sneakers, proportion is key. The best things to wear with them are bottoms that give the leg a lean line and balance out the chunkiness of the shoe. Leggings in black, grey or navy are a natural choice since they make the slimmest possible line. Wear thick ribbed leggings in cool weather, and match with an oversized coat or hoodie.

2. With colored jeans. Some colored skinny jeans will definitely up the style factor on your wedge Louis Vuitton sneakers. A dark color is best, since the Kilimanjaro comes in a nice black suede. Some likely shades would be burgundy, navy, or forest green. To even out the proportions, top with a textured, chunky cable-knit sweater in winter or a light striped cardigan in summer. You would really look elegant yet funky with this ensemble.

3. With a denim jeans. For a more subtle variation, it is possible to wear ordinary skinny-fit denims with the Kilimanjaro, as long as the pants are in a dark denim wash that will allow the wearer to maintain a long, slim leg.

4. With a dress. The wedge sneaker can be worn with a dress to create a funky, eccentric look that makes a floral print dress more edgy than sugary-sweet. Wear a dress that shows some leg, and put a denim jacket over that to provide cohesion with the "street" look of wedge sneakers.

The Kilimanjaro sneaker is made with natural-colroed or black suede. It carries the LV Monogram and has gold brass accents that give it a quietly elegant look. This is the best option for women who are unsure about more athletic variants of the wedge sneaker.

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